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This test is based on a carefully selected set of success factors, evaluated in a series of many research projects conducted by Kairos Future and others over the last two decades. In total hundreds of thousands of survey responses from thousands of firms and organizations have been collected and serve as the basis for this comprehensive model of an organization’s innovation management system.

The test takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete and it is important that you answer all questions based on your understanding of the organization in which you work. After the test you will be able to see your own scores compared to a global benchmark and you will find further reading on the details of the Future innovation index and how to interpret and utilize your results.

Foresight-based innovation improves results

By taking the test you get a chance to deep dive into your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, and to identify the improvement opportunities that may lead to a substantially improved results, both in terms of innovativeness and results in economic terms. The survey measures, among other things, an organization’s ability to capture long term societal shifts and market trends and to use them to drive strategy and innovation. Recent research (Rohrbeck & Kum 2018) has shown that firms that excel in that ability average a 33% higher profitability, and a 200% higher market capital growth over a 7-year period, compared to the average firm.

For almost 30 years Kairos Future has assisted corporations and other organizations improving these capabilities through research, consulting services, training and instruments for identifying what an organization should focus their business transformation efforts on.

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What is your organisation's sector?
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Do you agree or disagree that these statements describe your workplace?

Which two descriptions best represent your corporate culture?

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How would you rate...

...the overall performance and competitiveness of your company/organization, compared to your main competitors in the market?

...the quality of your company's/organisation's products and/or services, compared to your main competitors in the market?

...the level of competition in your market?

...the level of stability and predictability in your market, in terms of customer demand, competition and technology?

During the last three years, has the organisation you work for...

...developed new products or services?

...developed new business, distribution or revenue models?

Looking back on the last three years, how would you rate your organization's performance compared to other similar organizations, with regards to...

According to you, how has your organization's performance changed over the last year, with regards to...

Here is your result!

Colors (from red to green) show you how well you scored on each of the test's 13 dimensions.

Top performers and innovators have a forward leant posture. They are forerunners rather than followers, and try hard to be first to capture and act on new opportunities. And they communicate their innovation efforts externally.

Top performers and innovators are eager to align innovation and development initiatives to overall corporate strategy and goals. They also start their strategic journey with a thorough understanding of where the business context and immediate market is heading.

Top performers and innovators are keen on being the first to captures new trends and understand what might be next. They discuss actively contextual and market trends in relation to competitors, customers and the future of their industry, and they do that with a continuous and systematic approach.

Top performers and innovators know their customers, and understands what creates customer value. They have working models that supports internal as well as partner collaborations to meet their customers need, and are also keen on understanding their customers’ customers.

Top performs and innovators don’t only discuss what’s next, but are skilled at turning market trends into concrete business opportunities. They most often start their innovation and development efforts in a clear understanding of market trends and customer needs, but always aim for the business opportunities.

Top performers and innovators share knowledge and insights systematically, and invite and expect all employees to contribute to innovation, where every new idea is evaluated, regardless of whom proposed it.

Open ideation
Top performers and innovators open up their innovation; they engage customers and consumers, and collaborate with startups and researcher in the quest for new and better solutions.

Top performers and innovators focus on and get concrete results from ideation activities and workshops. They turn loose ideas into concrete concepts, sketches and models, and evaluate always their new concepts against customer needs and market trends, before investing too heavily in them.

Top performers and innovators apply systematic probing before going all in on new concepts. They work fast and iterate with potential customers to understand whether they’ve come up with something worth to pursue or not. The also work hard to find the right mix between short term wins and long term opportunities in their innovation portfolio.

Top performers and innovators are good at scaling. They have processes in place, and access to the resources needed to go from proof-of-concept to market launch or full-scale implementation. They are also good at launching ideas far away from the present core business.

Top performers and innovators have most often executives that drives long-term perspectives, but at the same time are eager to align organization and culture to overall goals and strategies. Most often, top management is also personally engaged in driving innovation, digitalization and business transformation.

Top performers are characterized by a systematic approach in most areas, not least to how they work with customer acquisition and retention, but also how they work with pacing, trying hard to think and plan ahead in order to avoid hiccups and organizational stress. They set goal and are masters of prioritization.

Culture wise, top performers and innovators are characterized by an inspiring and open and curious culture where, with engaged and motivated people, where different departments collaborate to the benefit of the customer.

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